Full HTML5 web conferencing system

Host your webinars inside any web browser, thanks to our use of the popular BigBlueButton conferencing tool.

Video, audio, slides and screenshare come default with our offering.

Control attendees' access to your event

As a moderator, you'd have the ability to mute or unmute users en masse or individually. You can change permissions as your event unfolds.

Users have easy access to your events.


Extra features such as 'breakout rooms'

If you're running an event that requires colloborations in between sessions, why not create a breakout room.

Moderators have full access to these rooms as well.

Easily share video content

Just paste your YouTube or Vimeo video link into the system and press play.

Interactivity made easy.


RSVP system that drives attendance

For each webinar, we create RSVP pages and automated emailers that make it easy to sign up for your event.

We also post your video to these pages after the event.